WOW! I was finally getting to the airport. I was leaving Spain to get to England.

I was nervous, excited, and horny. I would still have to spend a few hours in various transportations before I could see HIM but only the expectation was a rousing feeling. I could hardly wait until we get together!

It was too late to correct any mistake or to catch up with any omission. I was worried… what would HE think of me? Will HE be disappointed? Was my pussy carefully shaved? Was I wearing the right clothes and was I bringing the items he likes?

I hadn’t seen my lover for three weeks and, as ever, my dreams had been filled with HIM. HIM undressing me, HIM caressing and sucking my breast, HIM hoisting an attractive erection, HIM kissing me etc.

The last minutes in the train were titillating my libido. The other passengers would never have thought that I was in such a mood. I was already becoming wet! The minutes became seconds and I was going into a trance.

Then, I saw HIM. His smile, his presence, his charisma, his personality, his alluring body were there, in front of me and offered to me for 18 hours. I probably had a lustful horny look in my eyes but he only and briefly kissed me. Probably enough to tease me all the way to the hotel.

I know THE man who drives the car for 6 years now. He is not free, married to someone else, and our lives have become quite complicated but… it is not the moment to extrapolate. I want to take advantage of these rare moments of complicity. I look at his hands on the steering wheel and already imagine his fingers opening the buttons of my blouse, playing with my nipples through the bra, and finding my clit WOW! To wait is now a real trial. Driving from the station to the hotel seems a long way.

As soon as we enter a beautiful room, we can at long last, re-discover each other, exchanging full passionate kisses. Obviously, we are both getting extremely turned on and sexual hunger has to be satiated: my whole body is aching for him and I moan with pleasure. I slide down, moving on his stomach. I can’t stop myself to take his cock in my hand and gently hold it. My tongue doesn’t need any encouragement to start licking his shaft up and down the sides, getting it all wet and taking him completely in my mouth. Down to the deepest of my throat, just like he enjoys.

I am moaning. It is pure ecstasy. At the same time, I fondle his balls and get the wonderful pleasure to taste some salty drops of his pre-cum. I suck him harder and faster. I want to give this man everything I have!

It is only the beginning of an intense intercourse. It is his turn to release the fire I feel between my legs. He softly licks my pussy lips, sending shivers in my hot body. I use two of my fingers to spread Fanny open, allowing him a full view of my wet clit.

His tongue knows its way and it ignites my bud. When he inserts one of his own fingers (or are they two?) inside of me after having rubbed it all around, it drives me mad. I can feel the softy, warm and wet walls of my vagina enclosing him. No doubt I shall come and gush but… HE first has other plans: a few drinks and a good meal are on the programme.

I am going to wear a short black dress and walk on high heels. Sexy underwear with suspenders, stockings and laced transparent bra with tits out on top of it will complete the outfit but I won’t wear any knickers.

He is not ashamed of walking with me, hand in hand up to the pub where we have the first glass. The electricity spreads from my pussy through my legs, my stomach, my chest, my arms and even my head. I am so in love with this man, who excites me, drinking his beer with sensuality and… this appetizing mouth, which can give me so much pleasure!

I am on a cloud. I would like to be violated right here. I would like his cock to fuck me and he must think the same. I open my legs under the table and touch my naked flooded clit. Easy access without knickers. He loves when I do that. Do clients realize what is going on? Maybe, because I could see the look of a guy on my legs showing my stockings tops. We don’t mind: we only gaze at each other with lust and desire. The other bars we visit are also witnesses of our naughtiness but when we get to the restaurant, things are getting wilder as I just take my breasts out without any shyness…and masturbate enough to provoke a leaking climax on the floor, keeping a straight face and hiding my pleasure in front of his beautiful smile.

Needless to say that the return to the room is a path littered with daring caresses in the street. A man passing by could even have had a shocking view of a bare bum stroked by two strong hands and a throbbing dick showing his nose out of a zip!!!

The following hours have been exactly what I was expecting for so long. Every position has pleased our needs. I can remember having begged him “ FUCK ME HARDER, FASTER, STRONGER, DEEPER” and that is what he did offering me loads of orgasms and shaking the whole bed before squirting his juices in my deep throat.

Wow! The time was, unfortunately, flying too quickly and again, we had to separate and…. wait for another opportunity. I left with wonderful memories though and HE stayed with a private video of me playing with a vibrator and gushing on his face.

This story could sound normal for 2 horny lovers but we have a combined total of 132 years. Isn’t it great to live this randy, wild, decadent and erotic relation at our age?

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  1. I am 80. Widowed 3 yrs. I have a lover of 70. Unfortunately I have ED, but we enjoy an oral sexual relationship, once a week. It’s wonderful.

  2. What a wonderful story and so elegantly written by the horny silver vixen! Gives heart to all us older but still sensual readers. More of the same, please, with others’ experiences from our generation. Dan

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